Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism

CEMFOR celebrates its first year!

February 15, 2017, CEMFOR will celebrate its first year in the Humanistiska Teatern, Engelska Parken. The program consists of a mixture of interesting presentatitions and fantastic performances by various types of artists. A detailed program will be available shortly.

CEMFOR´s 1 Year Anniversary - Program

The Center for Multidisciplinary Research on Racism (CEMFOR) celebrates its first year anniversary and proudly invites you to an inspirational event at the new Humanties Theater on February 15, 2018. Together with CEMFOR scholars and a series of eminent artists, you embark on a journey of short lectures: "Racism as a field of knowledge" and "Racism and Intersectionality"; speed lectures by our researchers, music and cultural performance by world star and black civil rights activist Barbara Hendricks, indigenous feminist Timimie Märak, Roma civil rights ensamble Bahtale Roma, the ‘poet of the poets’ Amer Sarsour, and singer, writer, and Roma civil rights veteran Hans Caldaras.