City Walks on the History of Racism in Uppsala

This spring, CEMFOR continues with city walks on the history of racism in Uppsala for three Sundays. We also invite you to a smaller symposium on the theme. The city walks' project managers present their thoughts on the project and invited lecturers talk about selected places in the city that relate to the local and global history of racism. 

The purpose of this city walk is to raise awareness of Uppsala's history of racism. 
We intend to show the global and local history of racism through a selection of places, including the location for the State Institute for Racial Biology and which effects its activities have had for the development of racism and race theory worldwide. For each walk we have also invited a lecturer who will hold a longer presentation at one of the stops.

Cancelled! PRESENTATION of "city walks on the history of racism in uppsala

Date: 8 April
Venue: Humanistiska teatern
Time: 13.00-16.00

Project leaders: Cecilia Luzon och Gunilla Larsson.
Maja Hagerman talks about the traces of the race biology in Uppsala.


  • Sunday 19/4 13.00 -  Guest Gunilla Larsson
  • Sunday 17/5 13.00 - Guest Ola Larsmo
  • Sunday 7/6 13.00 - Guest Patricia Lorenzoni

Note: The guiding will be held in Swedish.